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News and Views

Welcome to the Self-Build Insurance news and views page, where we bring together a collection of news, articles, hints and tips all designed with the self-builder in mind.

Whether you’re dreaming about your future, have found a plot of land, or maybe are even part way through your build, we hope you find this information interesting and useful.

The SelfBuild Insurance guide to a stress free self-build

July 2017

Are you worried about your self-build project, and what may go wrong? Many people are. In this quick and easy to read guide, we look at a number of practical and easy ways to reduce the stress levels, and protect yourself and your build.

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The SelfBuild Insurance 5 minute guide to our products

July 2017

Self-Build projects have a unique set of potential risks, and as such require a distinct set of insurance covers. In this 5 minute guide, we look at our products, and how they are designed to protect you, your project and your finished home.

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Self-Build facts in the UK by numbers

June 2017

We have compiled an infographic giving you a quick glance on a few facts about SelfBuild in the UK that you may find helpful for your own project. Also included are our tips on protecting your SelfBuild project.

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Separating the self-build dream from the fantasy

April 2017

When we begin a project like self-building our own home, influences abound. Sometimes, these influences have the power to change our perspective of what a self-build project can be and what its final purpose is.

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The diary of a self-builder

November 2016

The diary of a couples project to build their own dream home in Scotland – from a plot of land, all the way to moving in.

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Keep safe when building a home as individual as you are

06th April 2016

First published in the Guardian “Homes and Interiors” magazine in April 2016, this is a start to finish risk and safety checklist to protect you and your ground-breaking Self-Build.

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Planning your Self-Build project success

19th February 2016

In this article you will find a typical journey of a self-build project. We have also included some facts and hints that you may want to consider for successful project planning.

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At Home With Sarah Beeny

29th April 2015

Building or renovating your dream home – don’t let it turn into a nightmare by not having the right insurance in place.

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7 self build facts you may not know

17th March 2015

We have put together an infographic of interesting facts and figures about the self build market in the UK, that you may not know.

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Protect your self-build dream

14th March 2015

In this article, first published in the Guardian “Homes and Interiors” magazine in March 2015, we look at the lifecycle of a typical self-build project, and some pitfalls to look out for.

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