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The benefits of green selfbuild properties

March 2024

For the first time, NaCSBA's Custom and SelfBuild Market Report 2023/24 report states that custom and selfbuild homes have a higher positive local impact than mainstream housing. The report commissioned by the Right to Build task force analysed five areas with different area classifications and found custom and selfbuild homes (CSB) are up to 43% more sustainable than the average new build.

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Protect your self-build investment budget

December 2023

Building your own home is exciting, but as the TV show Grand Designs often shows, it also presents a few challenges along the way. Unexpected costs are inevitable, so our SelfBuild Insurance experts have some practical advice for protecting your house-building budget.

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Help for self-builders through economic uncertainty

October 2023

As we approach the next National Self Build & Renovation Show on the 13 & 14 October, we look at the incentives available to support self-builders embarking on their next project.

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Making self-building affordable

June 2023

Building a property is a significant undertaking and something that seems inaccessible to many, but this is changing. The Government's Help to Build Equity Loan Scheme in England makes obtaining a mortgage for a self or custom build home easier.

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Financially planning your self-build property

March 2023

Finance is the natural starting point for any self-build project. Buying a plot, paying for professional services such as architect's fees and any site surveys required, plus the building itself.

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Planning your Self-Build budget

December 2022

Careful budgeting is a priority, particularly in the current economic climate, with inflation pushing up the prices of every aspect of the process.

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Does my self-build home need a structural warranty?

September 2022

As inflationary price increases impact every aspect of the construction industry, the pressure is on self-builders to reduce costs. Hidden defects in newly built properties can happen to the most prepared self-builder, so protecting the project with a structural warranty can help reduce the cost of unforeseen structural problems.

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When to insure your self build project

July 2022

Protecting your investment from day one

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Graven Hill: the self-builder’s paradise

September 2019

Graven Hill is a new and growing community in Bicester, Oxfordshire, created to deliver an opportunity for hundreds of self-builders to follow their self-build dream.

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5 risks you need to know when self building your own home

August 2019

Those of us lucky enough to actually build our own home need to be aware of risks we could face along the way, so our self-build dream doesn’t become a nightmare. Here are 5 of the most common things you need to know.

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The SelfBuild Insurance guide to a stress free self-build

July 2017

Are you worried about your self-build project, and what may go wrong? Many people are. In this quick and easy to read guide, we look at a number of practical and easy ways to reduce the stress levels, and protect yourself and your build.

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The SelfBuild Insurance 5 minute guide to our products

July 2017

Self-Build projects have a unique set of potential risks, and as such require a distinct set of insurance covers. In this 5 minute guide, we look at our products, and how they are designed to protect you, your project and your finished home.

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Self-Build facts in the UK by numbers

June 2017

We have compiled an infographic giving you a quick glance on a few facts about SelfBuild in the UK that you may find helpful for your own project. Also included are our tips on protecting your SelfBuild project.

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Separating the self-build dream from the fantasy

April 2017

When we begin a project like self-building our own home, influences abound. Sometimes, these influences have the power to change our perspective of what a self-build project can be and what its final purpose is.

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The diary of a self-builder

November 2016

The diary of a couples project to build their own dream home in Scotland – from a plot of land, all the way to moving in.

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