The SelfBuild Insurance guide to a stress-free self-build

For some people, embarking on a self-build project is likely to be one of the biggest financial and emotional journeys of their lives, and more often than not, it’s a one-off venture to boot. Given these facts, it would come as little surprise if this resulted in anxieties before starting work, and throughout the project – from choosing a plot, to moving in to the completed home.

At SelfBuild Insurance, we’ve spent the last 20+ years talking to self-builders, understanding their insurance needs, and helping them select cover designed to help them relax a little more, knowing that if things go wrong, there’s a safety net. We decided to put this knowledge of our customers hopes and fears to good use.

A helping hand along the way

Stress freeWe know that “stress-free” is a lofty aim, but we passionately believe that with planning, realistic expectations, and appropriate measures in place, a lot of stress can be removed from what is likely to be a lifetime’s achievement. Because every self-build project is unique it might seem as though there are risks hiding behind every tree and under every manhole cover.

One way to understand the risks involved in a self-build is to break it down into individual pieces. Each piece – or stage in the journey – has its own inherent risks. Some risks will cover multiple stages and some will be isolated to one.

There are even risks that may not even apply to you depending on your situation or self-build plans. By breaking down the journey, the risks become more visible, less ominous and far easier to manage.

By spending a few minutes reading the SelfBuild Insurance guide to a stress-free self-build we’re sure we can help you plan some of the future. You’ll also learn how to master the risks in your project – not by avoiding them but with awareness and planning. Throughout this guide we will take each stage and map out the risks you could potentially face, along with the means and the insurance to tackle them.

If you’d like to look at each of our products in a little more detail, and how they are carefully designed to provide end to end cover for self-builders, please take a look at our SelfBuild Insurance 5 minute guide to our products.