Graven Hill: the self-builder’s paradise

Graven Hill is a new and growing community in Bicester, Oxfordshire, created to deliver an opportunity for hundreds of self-builders to follow their self-build dream. The development began in 2015 with the first ten homes however there is enough space for 1,900 unique self-build dreams.

What makes Graven Hill stand out is that the 188-hectare site is the largest development opportunity for those looking to build their own homes in the UK. SelfBuild Insurance is one of Graven Hill’s chosen partners. We’re delighted to be supporting such a forward-thinking and unique project.

The development at Graven Hill is featured on the Grand Designs series ‘The Street’, which followed the first ten self-builders at the Graven Hill community. The series set out to show that self-build can be for everyone, and doesn’t have to be restrictive. It became a celebration of the creativity and freedom the builders had.

Graven Hill provides support and expert advice to self-builders on their journey and encourages those looking to build their own homes to consider Graven Hill. It aims to make the process much smoother too. Self-builders have access to expert advice during their projects, fast-track planning permission, plus a fixed price for the fully-serviced plots.

Graven Hill is referred to as a community because self-builders know they will be working alongside hundreds of like-minded people with the shared goal of building their own dream home.

When building a dream home, it’s important to remember to protect the build for any potential risks associated with building a property throughout the ups and downs of the adventure. A self-build home will inevitably need tailored insurance, protecting assets and offering peace of mind. SelfBuild Insurance is an expert in getting the right cover for your home.

SelfBuild Insurance understands the needs of those building their own homes and has the experience and knowledge of the insurance market to back it up. We’re well-connected and ideally placed to provide your insurance solution, from site only, to full build, and a 10-year structural warranty.

Get in touch to see how SelfBuild Insurance can help insure your dream home.