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SelfBuild Site Liability Insurance

For when you have the plot but work hasn't started yet

Finding a site for your home-building project is the first step on a highly rewarding path, but there may be a delay between your purchase of the land and the commencement of building. As you are liable for any third parties that may enter your land, SelfBuild’s Site Liability Insurance is designed to provide the cover and peace of mind you need during this time.

Our Site Liability policy is designed to cover self-build plots, from the point at which you own a plot of land and can demonstrate the intent to use it for a self-build project, up to the point immediately before the build work starts - including but not limited to site clearance, demolition or construction.

The intent to use the self-build plot for self-building can be demonstrated through (a) plans being drawn up for construction that will take place on the land; or (b) an application for planning permission having been submitted that applies to this land. Our policies do not cover land that has been purchased and where this intent cannot be demonstrated. If you are unsure, please contact us on 0800 230 0225.

The policy will cover you in the event that somebody is injured or suffers damage or loss on your plot.

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