Frequently Asked Questions


Self-building, renovating or extending a home involves a unique set of challenges and unfamiliar territory, some of which are financial. Unlike buying mainstream insurance for your car or home, self-build insurance can feel very different, and for many people will be a once in a lifetime purchase.

At SelfBuild Insurance, we’ve been insuring self-builders for over 20 years, and know that sometimes the insurance needs for a self-build project may not be obvious. So, to help, we’ve put together a series of handy guides for self-build insurance, covering everything from owning a self-build plot, through to moving in and owning your new home. Have a look below to see which FAQ you need.

What is insurance for self-builders

A general overview of the self-build journey, and the points along the way where you may require, or should consider, self-build insurance.

Site Liability insurance

If you’re looking to buy land for your self-build, or you own land but haven’t started work, our Site Liability insurance FAQ covers key aspects of site liability. We look at when you should buy Site Liability insurance, your potential site insurance liabilities, as well as the difference between owning ‘land’ and having a ‘self-build plot’.

Self-Build insurance

If you have a self-build plot but work hasn’t started yet, our Self-Build insurance FAQ looks in detail at the stages of a self-build project, including the risks you may face, and the insurance you should consider: Public and Employers’ liability, Tools, Plant, Personal Accident and more.

Renovation & Extension insurance

If you have a property that you’re planning on extending or renovating, whether or not you currently live in it, our Renovation & Extension insurance FAQ looks at a number of key questions including ‘will your existing insurer cover your project?’ and ‘what insurance liabilities might you face?’.

Structural Warranty

If you’re building a self-build property, and want similar protections to a new build warranty, our Structural Warranty FAQ covers common questions, including when you’ll be covered, and when you should consider buying one.


We’ve worked hard to make our website simple to use, but if you need a helping hand, our Website FAQ includes guides to help you retrieve a quote, change your password and pay for your policy.

This information is provided as a guide only, and if you have any doubts or questions, please give our team a ring on 0800 230 0225.

Full details of our Terms & Conditions, Limits, Excesses and Policy Exclusions can be found in our Policy Wordings. SelfBuild Insurance do not offer advice relating to insurance, and you need to ensure that insurance you choose meets your demands and needs.